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***** Mail order deliveries, will be closed for the summer as of the 19th of May. You are welcome to come to the nursery, open as usual but it will be Local deliveries only until September******** ***PLEASE NOTE*** WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF THE TAMAR APPLES, DEMAND HAS CERTAINLY OUTSTRIPPED SUPPLY THIS SEASON (Jan 2023)

Social distancing of 2metres will be appreciated and a Face covering in the shop should be worn. You can contact us by Phone 01822870235 or email by clicking the link 

At Endsleigh Gardens Nursery, we specialise in grafting and growing a wide range of fruit trees including the almost forgotten, and now popular, Tamar Valley Apple and Cherry varieties.

Root Stock
Our fruit trees are grafted on a range of different root stocks, which include M9, M27, M26, M106 and M25.  M27 root stock produces a patio size tree (6ft tall), M9 Rootstock 10 feet, M26 root stock produces a 10 to 12 foot tall tree, M106 root stock produces a 14 to 16 foot tall tree and M25 rootstock produces a tree of 20-25 feet in height.

Pot sizes

All our trees are container grown, 2-3 year old are in 10 litre pots, maidens usually in  5 litre pots

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